Developer and designer with over 7 years of experience designing, developing, and shipping websites and web apps to production. Passionate and focused on creating experiences informed by user research and feedback which work for everyone regardless of ability or device. Successfully leading teams to create new products and update existing ones in collaboration with design, operations, project management, and other stakeholders.


  • Senior Front End Developer

    Current | Remote

    • Developing and maintaining new features for a web app which allows businesses and people to send personalized messages to their customers and audience using data for personalization.
    • Working with other senior front end developers to scale and maintain our front end technology stack as we hire new developers and add new features to the web app.
    • Mentoring junior and mid level developers to level up their skills and learn our technology stack.
  • Consulting / Self development

    January 2019 – October 2019 | Boulder, CO, USA

    • Designing, architecting, and developing a financial web app which gives users a better view into their cash flow across multiple accounts. More information available upon request.
    • Worked with several clients to plan and execute on changing customer priorities and site redesigns.
    • Creating and maintaining open source projects (styled-typography, a11y-css-reset, now-importer, gistcard, jwt-cli), and managing new issues and PRs
    • Experimenting with new languages and technologies to evaluate the problems they solve and continue learning new concepts and ideas
  • Unself

    Senior developer / Acting engineering manager

    July 2017 – December 2018 | Boulder, CO, USA

    • Took on the role of Engineering Manager to better manage individual team members and the entire team’s interaction with the rest of the company
    • Led a small team of 5 full-stack developers creating a mobile-first web app for volunteers to track their hours and organizations to track who volunteers and how much to receive grants and other support
    • Spearheaded an app-wide visual redesign, collaborating closely with design, product management
    • Successfully gathered consensus and mentored the team on functional programming, better testing practices (simplifying tests, removing redundant tests, etc), type safety, and several technologies to improve quality of life
  • Welltok

    Lead software engineer / Team lead

    November 2015 – July 2017 | Denver, CO, USA

    • Led a team of 8 developers responsible for creating a new lightweight, node.js service with functional programming in mind
    • Mentored junior front end engineers to get them up to speed, more productive, and progress their careers
    • Co-founded the front end working group in an effort to stabilize, document, and standardize a front end tech stack that was outdated, complicated, and hard to develop with
    • Worked with other senior front end engineers to research and implement better documentation, testing practices, and tooling
  • Datu Health

    UX engineer

    November 2013 – October 2015 | Boulder, CO, USA

    • Created and iteratively improved interactive prototypes used during product discovery, user research, and implementation to improve communication between developers, designers, clients, and other stakeholders
    • Created an authenticated web site for publicly viewing and presenting fully coded prototypes to clients, design, development, and leadership
    • Led the development of a front end library for sharing pixel perfect CSS and modular JavaScript with the development team
  • IHS Markit (prev. Markit on Demand)

    Interface designer

    May 2011 – November 2013, Boulder, CO, USA

    • Worked with large international financial and energy companies to design financial portfolios, social communities, games, and trading platforms
    • Created designs that were localized and designed to work in at least three different languages
    • Dedicated spare time to lead a group of other designers interested in creating and exploring dynamic data visualizations from live and historical data


Front end

HTML & Semantic markup, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, CSS-in-JS, React, Accessibility, Redux, GraphQL, Progressive Web Apps, Next.js, Gatsby, Flexbox, Grid, Performance, Animation, Functional programming, Vue, Less, Sass, Webpack, Web Assembly, und Ember.js

Back end

Node.js, Express.js, Twelve factor app, Next.js, GraphQL, API design, REST, Schema design, Rust, Swift, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL), NoSQL (RethinkDB, MongoDB), and Golang


Information Architecture, UX design, User research, Typography & typesetting, Prototyping, UI design, Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign


Technical guidance, Mentoring, One on ones, Inter-team collaboration, Workload management, Career growth, and Work-life balance


Git, Unit & Integration testing, Kubernetes, Functional programming, Docker, Pair programming, CI/CD, Automation, Agile, XP, and Authentication & Authorization

Interested in

Elixir/Erlang, Distributed systems, Operations, Machine learning, Cyptography, Management


  • Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

    August 2008 – August 2011

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Communications Design, Summa Cum Laude