As a web developer interested in Rust, I’m always excited when new web frameworks come out for Rust. Over time I’ve tried Hyper and Rocket, both of which are great projects but for various reasons don’t resonate with how I like to write web servers. Near the end of 2017, however, a new framework called Gotham came out that I’m increasingly excited about.

Introducing Locale, a polyfill to understand your users’ preferred languages.

So you want to use images on your site. You’re also concerned about performance and bandwidth. You’ve heard about this new thing called “responsive images”. They sound pretty great. You can use different sized images for different sized screens. You can even show one image on mobile, and another on desktop. Then it dawns on you. You have 20 photos on your site. You have four breakpoints in your CSS. That could be up to 80 photos you have to manage. Fret not. We’re going to use the internet.